Fades of Black Women Film Showcase 2008

On March 27, 2008 QBC Film Series presented the 3rd Annual Fades of Black Women Film Showcase. This year we paid tribute to the life and film works by Cheryl Dunye with a screening of HBO’s Stranger Inside featuring Yolonda Ross. Dunye directed and co-wrote the film in 2001.

The Owls – Trailer

THE OWLS a film by THE PARLIAMENT FILM COLLECTIVE with Guinevere Turner, Lisa Gornick, Skyler Cooper, V.S. Brodie, Cheryl Dunye, Deak Evgenikos / Directed by Cheryl Dunye / Produced & Production Designed by Candi Guterres / Produced by Ernesto M. Foronda, Alexandra Juhasz / Produced & Edited by Agusta Einarsdottir …

Lil 2pac – Baby Mama Drama

Lil pac version Directed by Cheryl Dunye Written by Eddie Griffin & DAmon “Coke” Daniels And Brent Goldberg & David T. Wagner. Producers: Happy Walters, Eddie Griffin , Matthew Weaver. Executive Producers: Peter Safran and KAren Koch